Bowling Tournament

Our 2nd Annual Bowling Tournament was cancelled. Please join us for our Fall Golf tournament.

We want to have an event that those who weren't big on golf would enjoy. Please email us if you are interested in a bowling tournament to help raise money for our youth programs at the Boys and Girls Club and Partners for Youth. Go out and start practicing!

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We will be playing Baker tournament with teams of 4. The first bowler will bowl frames 1 and 6, second bowler will bowl frames 2 and 7, third bowler will bowl frames 3 and 8 and fourth player (anchor) will bowl frames 4 and 5 and 9 and 10.

Each team will play 4 games. You want your best bowler to be the fourth player because they will bowl 4 frames.

Cost for each team is $160. Registration ends April 14th, 2012! All money is due by April 14th - no exceptions!

Sponsorship is $100 per lane.

Children under age of 8 will need adult supervision and will have a lane to play (have fun with bumpers!). Cost for them will be $5. 

Pre-Tournament Tailgate will be at Devine's in Downtown Durham from 12-1pm. Registration will begin at 1:30pm and the tournament will start at 2pm at Village Lanes, Durham, NC!

Please tell your friends and family to come out to play and support our youth!
You can download a flyer to distribute to friends here.

Sponsor money, tournament players and donations can be made out to Reggie's Legacy and sent to:
Reggie's Legacy
PO Box 73092
Durham, NC 27722